pet peeve time

Okay so I totally understand that Ike’s Canadian, and all Canadians look weird compared to regular South Park models.  Sure!  Legit!

But you know what?  The regular South Park models look pretty weird too.  I mean, there’s no way to claim that this: 

really resembles anything resembling a realistic person.  It’s very, very stylized, and very cartoony.

So when fanartists decide to get creative and turn:

into this:

but leave Ike as a two foot tall trashcan, it’s weird and I judge you.  

Please also note:  Ike is a person.  He is not, in fact, some kind of strange alien puppet creature.  This means that he will grow up at a rate proportionate to Kyle.  Shocking, I know.  Ergo, when Kyle is in that oh so popular 16-19 range, Ike will not still be a two foot tall trash can.


What is he here, a pokemon?

Speaking of ages and proportion, Ike is three years old when Kyle is nine.  That’s a six year age difference.  Despite (apparently) common misconception, that difference isn’t going to get any bigger or smaller.  Ergo, fanfic writers, please remember this quick and easy formula to consider when dropping everyone’s favorite Canadian (unless you like T&P more, to which I say fuck you, madame):  

(Kyle’s Age) - 6 = (Ike’s Age)

Granted, there’s a little leeway with birthdays, but if Kyle’s 18 and about to go off to college (and only has a month to confess his love to Stan, omigod!), Ike will not actually be 15 and fucking Kindergoth.

Unless your story involves time travel.

In which case please leave me a link to it.


Okay so that was probably a really long and unnecessary rant, but considering the amount of amazing art out there for south park, it’s frustrating to see the same weird and lazy mistakes over and over again.  

Anywho.  Here’s some art that I like.



in b4 nobody currs

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