that is NOT WHAT I SAID i merely forgot that jcss is based on a boring version of the same story

man I literally copy and pasted you like how is that not what you said

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"lol yeah true i forgot its also in the bible"

- terieri, describing her trollish fancast for jesus christ superstar

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Detail shots of my “Welcome to Inlé” sculpture, completed early July, 2014.

I realize I mentioned writing more about the piece when I posted these, but now I can’t for the life of me remember what it was I wanted to say.

Watership Down was one of the first novels I read as a child, probably at 10 or 12. I saw the animated film soon after, and it’s clear to me that both the book and the movie made an indelible impression on me. I reread the book every two or three years, and it hasn’t lost any of its power or impact. Most of all, I’m enthralled by the rich stories the rabbits share with one another throughout the novel. My love for mythology was certainly encouraged by reading WSD as a child.

Thanks for the wonderful response to this piece so far, you amazing folks!

Materials and dimensions and all that other good stuff can be found on the turnaround photoset that’s posted on my Tumblr, right below this post.

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South Park: this episode is a perfect satire of the extremely relevant current event involving not only the Washington Redskins but other sports teams like the Seminoles and the Chiefs who are dismissing the perfectly rational argument that their team names are offensive and who are refusing to change their problematic titles
South Park Fandom: but was this a Style episode or a Kyman episode
South Park: instead of us taking a neutral point of view and making fun of both sides so as to avoid offending anyone, we very clearly demonstrated what we think of the NFL, even though we are football fans ourselves, and we think we made very clear what our opinion is on this very high profile issue
South Park Fandom: stan was totally looking at Kyle's butt
South Park: We've had an entire year to come up with all kinds of really interesting episode ideas for the season premiere, but we decided to open with this since, even though it's been a running issue for years and it only just started sparking up again in June, we think it's very fresh in the public eye right now and we feel like not enough people are putting their foot down on this issue.
South Park Fandom: but did you notice how Kyle apologized to Cartman
South Park: Even though we usually target the party in these cases that is offended because we think it's funny that people are offended, rather than invalidate the feelings of numerous cultures by mocking them for wanting respect, we chose to tackle the bigger problem and actually note that, actually, the NFL is being really shitty and we were hoping to shed some light on that
South Park Fandom: did you see Kenny dancing in the background sooo cute
South Park: ...
South Park Fandom: the next episode better have Tweek in it
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Potential Homestuck ending #1934 #2: archaeology is a lot easier when time travel is available to you.

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oh. my god

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Look what you did, you made em blush

Requests are open btw

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Double Meowbius Preacharound. >:y








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it’s been a full ten years since anne rice’s infamous post on amazon about the blood canticle reviews

ten years

she posted it in september 2004

it seems like yesterday

i just realised some infants around here might not know why i say someone is…

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